Berger Executive Resources provides its clients with the highest quality tailor-made individual executive search, team search services, human resource management consulting services, individual career development consulting, reference check as well as HR outsourcing agency service.

Our Approach

Individual executive search

  • Tailor-made for specific positions
  • Competence and potential assessment
  • Background investigations
  • Research driven
  • Able to meet deadlines

Team search

  • For the purpose of
    - Setting up operations
    - Re-staffing to optimize organizational structure
  • Recruitment of staff for individual team positions
  • Team competence assessment

HR consulting services

  • Employee Satisfaction Survey
  • 360 Degree Evaluation
  • Recruitment strategies
  • Development of salary, bonus, benefit systems (including benchmarking)
  • Management audits
  • Training and management development

Individual career development consulting

  • Provide tailor-made career development planning for you
  • Evaluate your strength, weakness, opportunity, threat and personality
  • Improve your practical skills for interview
  • Explore possible career directions for you
  • Guide you to pursue work-life balance

Reference check

  • Education background verification
  • Experience verification
  • Salary information verification
  • Performance record evaluation
  • Strength, weakness, personality and team spirit evaluation
  • Other specific position requirements evaluation

HR outsourcing agency service

  • Social insurance agency service
  • Personnel files handling
  • Other agency service (including temporary residence permit/working permit for Expatriates)





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