1. What can Berger Executive Resources do for me as a potential candidate that I can¡¯t do myself?

A lack of familiarity with the local job market, limitations in your own professional network, and the absence of dependable career counseling can make the process of finding the most rewarding position difficult.

What can Berger Executive Resources do for us as a company seeking qualified personnel?

We carefully research your company¡¯s background and consult with you to determine your hiring needs. Using our database and our global network, we then perform a thorough industry search targeting a pool of suitable talent. We can then conduct an objective interview process and deliver to you an effective assessment of the most appropriate candidates.

2. What types of resources and feedback does Berger Executive Resources provide?

We mobilize our global network to help our clients find the perfect staffing solutions. We provide regular feedback and guarantee the utmost confidentiality. We have many years of experience in the human resources consulting sector and our teams are made up of highly specialized consultants for every industry.

3. How can I find a job through Berger Executive Resources?

If you are searching for an executive position, please send your CV in English and in Chinese. Your information will become part of our database and you will be contacted immediately when a position is found that is tailor made for you.





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